Seasonal Car Shipping

seasonal car shipping companyLike to go where the palm trees or cactus grows and get away from the snow? You have come to the right place! Whether you simply prefer to fly this year or need your classic cruiser delivered safely, Autolog is the best option for seasonal car shipping -- in both directions.

Our most common seasonal car shipping clients include:

  • Athletes
  • Students
  • "Snowbirds" and other vacationers
  • Seasonal employers
  • Companies with specific seasonal needs

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Snowbird Shipping Services

We've been shipping for "snowbirds" since our inception in 1976. In fact, it's how we got our start.  Really! We kind of specialized in car shipping for snowbirds who wanted to be Florida during the winter. Now, we ship nationwide.

If you're planning to escape the winter or just feel like a change of scenery, we can fulfill all of your car shipping needs. Why not enjoy your trip to warmer climates in comfort, and let us worry about transporting your vehicle to your getaway location. Plus, you can even save money when you pre-book your return trip with Autolog.

The "Gold Standard" for Seasonal Auto Transport

Autolog is your Florida auto transport specialist. From the Northeast or the Midwest to points all around Florida's Atlantic or Gulf Coast, Autolog has been transporting vehicles since 1976. We are the gold standard in seasonal auto transport.

Autolog also offers a premier auto transport service between the Northeast or Midwest to the Southwestern US. Whether you are heading to Phoenix, Tucson, Palm Springs, or San Diego let Autolog help you get your vehicle there safely and affordably.

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