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auto transport FAQ'sHow does Autolog transport cars?

Between most areas of the United States we transport vehicles on large open automobile transport trucks like those used to transport new cars to dealers.

What is the basic cost to transport a vehicle?

Unlike most moving companies and van lines, which charge on the basis of a vehicle's weight, Autolog charges based on the origin and the destination. It costs the same to transport a small Honda Civic as it does to ship a large Lincoln. The only exceptions relate to over height vehicles, i.e., SUV's, vans etc. and to very long vehicles, i.e., limousines.

What is Autolog's cancellation policy?

Reservations with Autolog may be canceled at any time prior to the vehicle being tendered by Autolog and you will receive a full, 100%, prompt refund on any sum paid to Autolog for the shipment. Beware of companies which charge a cancellation fee.

Can I schedule my auto shipment for a specific date?

Unlike many of our competitors, Autolog schedules the transport of your car on a specific date and not between a range of dates. For example, if you want to transport your vehicle on Tuesday, January 23rd by bringing it in to our local terminal or have us pick it up at your residence, this is the date it will be done. Beware of transporters who cannot give a specific date.

Does Autolog transport vehicles to terminals or door to door?

Autolog maintains approximately 100 terminals nationwide. This is our least expensive, and in many cases our most convenient service since many of our terminals are located close to major airports. For an additional charge we can pick up or deliver your vehicle to your home by a flatbed or in the NYC metropolitan area by professional drivers. Beware of truckers delivering vehicles on large car carriers to your home as this can be dangerous.

How long will it take to transport my vehicle?

Depending on the origin and destination, estimated transit time can range from 1 to 3 weeks. All times are computed from the date you request as the ship date. Transit times are conservative and reliable estimates and Autolog has an excellent record of meeting these estimates. However, they are not guaranteed. If you require a guaranteed delivery date, ask our reservationists about this option.

Can I transport personal property in my vehicle?

Autolog is in the business of transporting vehicles. As a convenience to our customers, you are permitted to put non-valuable and light personal property only in the locked trunk of your vehicle. Absolutely no personal articles may be shipped in the cab of the vehicle and the weight and nature of items to be transported in the locked truck are subject to specific limitations. Items of value should not be placed in the vehicle. Any personal property put in the vehicle will be transported at your own risk. As a responsible auto carrier who cares about you, your vehicle and your belongings, we must advise you of the potential consequences of transporting personal belongings in your vehicle.

Automobile carriers are designed to transport new cars with no weight in the trunk and only a quarter tank of gas in the tank. Although we take all reasonable precautions, the extra weight could result in damage to the undercarriage of your car. This is especially true with longer vehicles and those that sit lower to the ground. Also, if you leave personal property in your car, you may be inviting trouble. When your car is transported a long distance, it is necessary for the truck to stop at truck stops along the way. Although our drivers do their very best to insure the safety of your car, they cannot stand guard 24 hours a day.

Does Autolog provide insurance coverage?

At the standard rate, in the event of any alleged transit damage, your insurance is primary and Autolog's responsibility is limited to your deductible under that policy up to a maximum of $500. The reason for this is so that we can keep the same low rates for all vehicles whether it is a vehicle worth $2,000 or a vehicle worth $50,000. In this regard, it obviously would cost more to repair a dent on a $50,000 vehicle with no other damage than on a vehicle worth $2,000 with substantial damage. Since our risk is different, it would not be fair to charge the same rate. Therefore, if you want Autolog's insurance to be primary so that your collision or comprehensive insurance carrier would not be involved in the event of transit damage, Autolog provides such coverage for an additional charge. Ask our reservationists for details.

Does Autolog inspect my car prior to shipment?

Autolog does a limited inspection of the exterior of your vehicle at the time it is received. The driver will do a reinspection prior loading the vehicle. This inspection will be kept at the origin terminal to indicate the condition prior to shipment. We do not inspect for minor scratches, dings, chips, etc. which is not normal of transport damage.

Does Autolog transport cars which do not run?

No. Vehicles must be given to Autolog in good running condition. Autolog will not be responsible for damages caused to vehicles failing to meet these standards. It is the responsibility of the shipper to bring to Autolog's attention any condition which precludes the vehicle from being handled in a normal manner, including, but not limited to defective or missing tie downs and automatic leveling devices.

How may I pay for the transport of my vehicle?

Reservations must be paid in full prior to shipment, except for cars shipped in or out of our office in Linden, NJ. Payment must be made by credit card or personal check 7 days prior to shipment. If not prepaid, Certified check or cash is required for all cars picked up at our office in Linden, NJ. All reservations are 100% refundable at any time prior to shipment in the event of cancellation.

How can I find out where my car is during shipment?

Call Autolog at 1-800-526-6078. Do not call the destination terminal because they will not be able to help you.

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